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Harness fitting


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I have a pair of 4-point harnesses to fit to my Westy, in place of the existing seat belts. Please could someone help me out with the answers (and photos?) to a few simple questions:

1) The existing belts attach to the two turrets welded onto the chassis, which poke through the boot box. Removing the boot box reveals four additional threaded bushes welded to the chassis, which look like they'd accept the eye bolts too. Exactly what should I be attaching the eye bolts to? (I don't need to pass SVA).

2) One of my harnesses didn't come from Westfield, and although it's exactly the same as the one that did, it didn't come with the two inch-long spacers that fit the eyebolts. Do I need them?

3) If so, where can I get them from?

4) Is there a recommended torque setting for any of the bolts?

5) I have a lid on my boot, which looks like it'll need to be cut to allow the belts to pass through. Any suggestions on what exactly needs doing and how to go about it?

Really must get along to a meet sometime, I'm sure it's all pretty obvious when you've seen it done once...


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As you clearly have a lockable boot as you mention a 'Lid', my photos will not assist but this I can tell you:-

You MUST ensure that the eyelets are tight in the four welded threaded bushes you have seen. If the eyelets go through the glass fibre of the boot box (which I am sure they must do), you must make suitable holes for the eyelets to pass though the glassfibre but NOT bear onto it - this is what you use the spacers for. If the eyelets are not tight, they will lose much of their strength.

The Willans harnesses supplied by Westfield do not have a specified torque but you should tighten them such that the eyelets run 'in line' with the direction in which the belts run over your shoulders - additional packing washers may be required to achieve this tightness and position.

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There was a post previously about this subject (all but Locking boot box) Use the search button.

Steve was heavily involved in that one and posted some useful pictures.

Stuart C

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