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When starting from cold its no problem - couple of pumps, then turn it over and it catches everytime.

But what about when the engine is warm/hot........anyone got a tried and tested sequence that avoids too many pops, churning, bangs etc etc ??


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What works for me is to start turning the engine over whilst leaving the accelerator alone, then blip the accelerator

and it starts.


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No Chris, it's not a stupid question but this is a kind of "they all do that" situation  ;)  nearly everyone I've spoken to or seen comments of with this setup has the same problem with 'hot starts'  ???

there is some talk of fuel evaporation causing this but I'm not convinced....as Andy says try spinning it over without touching the throttle and then just press it gently until it fires - hopefully ;)  it works for my car.....most of the time  :t-up:

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