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I love SVA men


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Still can't quite believe it but I passed first time or at least the car did and an almost pleasant experience.

MAny thanks to all those of you who have posted advice on here.  I've used a lot of it in my car.

A couple of interesting things to feed back.  First the car turned out lighter than I was expecting - 504 kgs and almost 50/50 and this is no stripped out racer.  I've got the lot on it - screen, heater all the internal trim, even additional ally panels round the transmission tunnel as I wanted to upholster it with vinyl not carpet.  I think a major reason must be the lightToyota engine and mounting it well back.

Secondly, the only edge the examiner was unhappy about was on the ally handbrake handle I bought.  When I asked if I could tape some foam over it he said that as from last monday the rules have changed and all edge protection must be done in a way that a mainstream manufacturer would use.  Obviously this is open to huge interpretation but the aim seems to be to stop temporary stuck on foam solutions.

Anyway just got the registration hurdle to get over now.  I tried taking the car straight there after SVA whilst I had it on the trailer but they weren't having any of it.  Why is it you can drive to SVA with no plates but not to registration.  Seems the wrong way round to me.

Anyway thanks again for everyone's help.


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