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Tuning Zetecs

Gav Stokes

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I posted on here recently regarding the lack of responsiveness from my 2.0l zetec 45 Webers and ...i think alpha 3d ignition.

The question is this - is there an easy way of identifying the ignition module (to confirm if alpha) without fetching it out. Unfortunately it is mounted to an ally plate under the dash that is rivotted in place and i would like to avoid drilling out the rivots.

My 2nd question is this: Does anyone know of a decent carbs / alpha ignition tunerin the Notts / Derbys area that i can trust with my baby?

I am concious of comments on this forum that some rollin road tuners are t**sers and will not solve my problem.

When i spoke to Dunnell about this they basically said alpha are crap and the car will only run A1 on their ignition set up!!!

If (BIG IF!!;) this is the case i would rather spend money on a new ignition than wasting money and time attempting to get it tuned by Weber.

I would appreciate advice

Many Thanks

gav     :cool:

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ISTR the alpha box is a big blue b*******.  Dunnell's is a little red one (if that helps any)

I have heard some not so supportive comments about weber alpha, but this could be down to the people who tune them.

I think Paul's right.  If you use their ignition system it will work spot on.

It's a bit of a journey, but Yorkshire carburettors in Leeds are supposed to be quite good and do alpha

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Ignition systems themselves are much of a muchness. It's how clever the bloke who mapped it is that counts.

Dunnel's reluctance to touch the Alpha is probably more due to the fact that he doesn't have the kit to adjust the mapping (I think only authorised Weber dealers can get this?) than the ECU itself being vastly inferior to his.

I think you probably just need to find a good rolling road who have experience of the alpha - if that is indeed what you have. It's at least worth trying this route before you change systems with the consequent expense.


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Beware or vendors who knock their competition - it is not only bad form but often a sign of inferiority complex brought on by being ... errrrr.... inferior ...

I have no idea whether the Dunnel unit is better or worse than the Alpha unit but Kevin is right:-

Ignition systems themselves are much of a muchness. It's how clever the bloke who mapped it is that counts.

Hope you resolve your problem with the lack of responsiveness from your engine.

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