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Non-Q Plate


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I am sure this has been asked once or twice before - but please excuse my ingorance.......

After recently deciding to drop a new zetec block into the car, I am now thinking about going for a non-Q plate.  As it stands, I have all new parts - except diff and gearbox and have all recipts.  I don't plan to use any other 'used' bits in the final stages - so is it worth it - and how difficult or how much extra cost/work will it be??


Simon :t-up:

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Show all receipts as new (accidently forgetting about the diff and gearbox.... for a new plate) or obtain log book from donor Sierra which the donor gearbox and diff come out of (as well as wiring loom, rear hubs, handbrake, handbrake cable etc.... for an age related plate) It depends on how keen your local vehicle registration office is. Plenty of people manage to register bike engined cars with an age related plate-if the VRO were doing their jobs  properly this shouldnt happen unless everything is new, so it is possible. :p  :t-up: I believe you are allowed one reconditioned unit (engine, gearbox etc) to register for a new plate.


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