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Busa Clutch Problems

Nick Algar

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Nick Algar

Busa Clutch – Suggested improvements !

Problem:-  I can’t pull away smoothly


1) Move the pivot point on the pedal down halfway between existing pivot point and the floor mount. Do this by drilling another hole in the right position through the pedal bar.

2) Add an angle piece on the floor so that your heel can rest on it to give you the same position every time you operate the clutch.

Problem:-  Clutch slip


1) Check that the Westfield slave cylinder is not jamming ! if so replace.

2) Check clutch plate thickness it should be a minimum of 2.92mm for the thinner plates and 3.72mm for the thick plate.

3) Check spring length should be minimum of 23.7mm

Modified engines

Whilst for a standard engine the standard clutch is usually OK, if you want to uprate things then first suggestion is to fit the stronger Barnett springs. To cure judder then a billet centre often helps and gives a cleaner launch of the line. If you want to take it further than that then there are a whole host of other options, how far you take these is up to you and how much you believe the seller !!

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for clutch slip id also add make sure you run the right oil - get it wrong and it will slip.

also the clutch plates - make sure they are assembled in the correct order - they are different sizes

the clutch slave cylinder - the slave is in a position where it will get very grubby - make sure that theres a cover fitted to the back of the piston to keep ou the dirt - if it gets in it ruins the seals. there is a rebuild kit for the standard westy slave. merlin motorsport sell them.


if you STILL have issues - take the whole master cylinder hoses and slave off the car in one unit - put on the bench and bleed it there - much easier - then replace and adjust. bleed the old fluid out until clear liquid comes through - check for very small fluid weeps. the hose used i found needs a clamp rather than a tie wrap as fitted by the factory

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Not sure if it's like the megabird clutch but lock the slave using a socket and a g clamp then bleed. I found a lot of additional aid was removed from my system using this nethod

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