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Throttle cable on twin 40's


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ok, so i'm a numpty...

i've got twin 40's with the top mounted throttle linkage. I tried to reroute the throttle cable as it was just looped around the top of the rocker cover but when i tightened up the nuts on the threaded bar the cable attaches to at carb end... I broke it. so now I have a cable that is looped around the bar and secured with washers and lock nuts. not going anywhere but because the angle doesn't adapt the throttle is sticky an doesn't return to idle properly.

Anyone know where I could get a new threaded bar (with the holes through) and is there a different linkage for a single cable as mine looks to be designed for two cables.

While I think about it, why would you have two cables anyway? and how would these connect to the standard (escort) pedal box?


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