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zetec questions


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right a few questions to point me in the right direction,


1,  will a one piece 1.8 sump fit straight on an 2.0 which had a two piece on originally

2,  will any 1.8 sump do ie escort,mondeo etc

3,  do i have to get it baffled ?

water pumps

1,  what mods do i need to do to this ?


1,  is it the same one relocated somewhere  else

2,  what is required mounting wise for it

drive gear

1,  zetec to type 9 what spacers and clutch do i need

2,  flywheel which one std 2.0 or 1.8?


1,  ignition controller kit, using carbs which is best

engine itself

1,  while sumps off is it worth putting better bolts in big ends and main caps if so which ones

i relise there is quite a few questions here its just i need to no which direction to head in reguards to sorcing the rest of the bits for the change over.  :t-up:   ???  ???

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A few answers

any 1.8 sump will bolt on 2.0

YES get it baffled!! further info in other zetec threads

The water pump from a 1.8 escort (i.e no aircon)  You'll need to fit a grooved pulley to this pump as the mondeo drives via the back of the belt

Alternator - a small one like off the fiesta.  Also check out the daihatsu threads on this site

The mounting for the alternator as standard is a monumental iron casting of about 120kg  The replacement from raceline/Dunnell is a monumental price of about £120

I ended up building one from 6mm mild steel and some footling to fit it

The type 9 fits straight on, there's another zetec thread where some kind soul lists clutch part #s See also the spigot bearing part # - you need this

Use the existing 2.0 flywheel (I suspect the 1.8 is the same) but get it lightened if you can as it's very heavy

For ignition - weber alpha, dunnell  both of which are only programmable by the vendor.

AFAIK the big end bolts should be OK.  I thrash mine and hasn't exploded yet :)  Bearing caps will be fine.

Exhaust - you'll need to get a manifold built if you have a narrow bodied car.

There's a lot of other info now on other threads which should cover most of your questions.  I think just anbout all of the issues I know of have been covered off

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As far as big end  :0 bolts unless you're going to rev over 7000 a lot the std ones are OK but if you're taking it apart anyway fit some ARP heavy duty bolts (available from RACELINE for about £10) just to be safe   ;)

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The parts I used to convert a 1.8 Zetec to type nine gearbox

You will need a spigot bearing this fits in the crank shaft Ford part No.1596468.cost £3.20

Escort flywheel Ford part No.1034879 should be with engine.

Flywheel bolts Ford part No.6952658 cost £0.06 need six replace these bolts to be safe each time you remove the flywheel

Clutch kit exchange Ford part No.5029603 £57.21

Clutch release bearing Q’Hazel CCT 133.  £20.00 about

Clutch release bearing arm for a Type 9 try the factory for this as I used an alloy bellhousing from SPC tel 01527894232 and the arm had to be cut and welded shorter

Clutch cable Q’Hazel QCC1057  try the factory for this £7.00 about

Starter motor Ford part No.5027644 cost £78.74

If you ge the gearbox from the scrap yard get the bellhousing to gearbox bolts as these are a none industry standard bolt

The bolts engine to bellhousing are standard 8.8 HT M10 x 40mm socket set screws and spring and plain washers

On the the engine side you need

A Dunnel baffled sump or anther new motor soon

ARP heavy duty rod bolts from Dunnel or Raceline

Escort water pump

An Escort fly wheel 1800 size the 2.0 is toooo big

Alternator and mount if my mods are completed soon I will have a mout and alternator for sale


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i had to fit a 2l flywheel to my 1800 in order for the recommended clutch assy to fit my mt75 application.

i managed to use the sierra starter, and original alternator......wish i hadnt though as it was f***ed and boiled my battery spreading ally eating acid everywhere! As damianc mentioned, the new mounting bracket was a good hundred quid, but mine was from westfield.

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if you are using the later zetec engine you were talking about, you keep the water pump you already have and spin it from the back of the belt using an idler speak to raceline or e-mail me for pics etc. the escort 1800 pump is completely different and mounted in a different place to what you have....

i used standard 2ltr flywheel clutch etc, but changed clutch release bearing to qh part no ct133. as mentioned u need a spigot bearing. Starter is 1800 cvh sierra.

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james i did get the later engine mk 2 engine with solid lifters and two piece sump,im already using a CVH 1.6 motor so maybe the starter will fit of that,im interested in this water pump configeration like,seems i will be comunicating with you on regular basis james as you seem to be the only other one with the mk 2 motor in :t-up:

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i seem to be losing a fighting battle with technology!  digital camera has packed in it would seem, so it will have to be old-skool 35mm camera and scanner.....so the pics may be delayed until the weekend i'm afraid, but rest assured i will battle through this and get you these images, even if i have to resort to my childhood watercolours!!!

will be in touch.... ???  :blush:  :(

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