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Which wideband sensor


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I have an Innovate LC1 fitted to my car, this includes a wide band sensor and a module, the outputs can be varied to give voltages expected from a wide band sensor or from a narrow band sensor so can be adapted to run with most ecu's.

I also have an XD1 gauge that gives me a real time afr or lambda reading on the dash board, i run mine with a megasquirt! AFAIR the cost was around £140 for the LC1 and around £100 for the XD1 gauge!

As for wiring it in the LC1 has two analogue outputs that are programmable to suit your ecu's input and also has a digital input/output for connecting extra equipment to such as the XD1 gauge etc

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Kevin Wood

Just to add that you can't normally connect a wideband Lambda sensor directly to any type of ECU. If they do provide an input for a Lambda sensor it'll be for a narrowband sensor (not much use except to control the mixture in cruise for a cat) or for the output from a wideband Lambda sensor controller such as the Innovate.

Also worth mentioning are the Tech Edge kits. http://www.techedge.com.au/

I built a TechEdge 1.5 controller a few years ago. It's been superceded well and truly now but the kit was excellent and included every part required down to the odd bit of wire. Like the innovate it has a dash mounted gauge and a choice of outputs to drive an ECU.

These days it's worth going for a setup that uses the LSU sensor as the NTK one that I have has become as rare as hen's teeth.


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As I am only a happy customer of Bill, I don't have a conflict of interest  :D

I have the LC-1/XD-1 combo wired into my megasquirt and it works a treat.

The Display is fantastic at reasuring you, that you are not about to melt a piston and well worth having on a turbo engine in my opinion.


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What ECU have you got ? Does it support adaptive mapping ?

I'll give a vote for the Innovate LM-1, and can provide sample MBE file for adaptive mapping if required !


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