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I've heard about Megajolt and Megasquirt :durr:

a) What are they?

b) What would be the benefits of fitting them?

c) What components would I need?

d) Where can I get the components?

e) How much should it all cost?

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Seriously though...

a) 3D mapped ignition and full ignition/injection control respectively

b) Better drivability and economy. Maybe more power but don't count on it.

c) See the above sites or talk to Bill Shurvinton.

d) see c).

e) How long is a bit of string? I am hoping to inject my xflow for £300. We will see........

EDIT:Ah, just realised this is a faq. Deleted a few irrelevent bits  :blush:

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Kevin Wood
Feel free to PM me if you have any Megasquirt questions. I'm running one on a Zetec SEIW.
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