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Which are the best oils to use?


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Oil advice required:-
This is the spec of my Westfield kit car engine:-
1760cc X Flow engine built to custom stage four spec
Accralite forged pistons
ARP bolts throughout
dry sump
motorsport spec oil pump.
Cylinder Head fully gas flowed with modified ports with matched set of valve springs including big valve head and hardened valve seats
Cutting and throating of valve seat areas to accommodate bigger valves
Full engine balance Crankshaft reground and polished
All new mains and big end bearings
Decked pistons and block
Steel main caps and block line bored
High performance fast rally camshaft fitted
Its now done 1300 miles since rebuild. Any recommendations on oil spec and synthetic or mineral?
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Mines a '91 or '92 Redtop, been running fine on 5w/40 (Silkolene Pro S) fully synth.

Without sounding too controversial, how are people judging the oil when they say "been every happy with it", "pleased with the results" etc?   Without side-by-side tests on equal engines which are d

For xflow and (presume pinto) like Valvoline 20w50 mineral oil - not sure what they call it now. BRB.   Here you go:   http://www.burtonpower.com/parts-by-brand/brands-u-to-z/valvoline/valvoline-v

Mighty Mart

Valvoline VR1 20W 50 mineral. IMHO synthetic oils are better suited to modern engines only.


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On 12/05/2013 at 07:56, Norman Verona said:

I've always used Mobil 1. I read an independent report of a BMW used as a taxi in New York. It was jointly owned by two brothers who used it 24 hours a day 6 days a week.


It had Mobil 1 which was changed on the due mileage intervals.


The engine was stripped in a lab and measurements revealed no appreciable wear. The cam lobes still had the original machining marks.


The mileage at this strip down was 320,000 miles.


Good enough for me. 


ed to add a postscript.


Are US miles the same as UK miles?  :)

Mobil 1 used to be true synthetic


I understand it is not anymore


There are very few true synthetic oils left since a judge ruled non-synthetic oils that met minimum specs for synthetic could be labeled "full synthetic" - Mobil tried suing Castrol to remove "full synthetic" and failed - then apparently could not justify the expense of 100% synthetic just so they could put synthetic on the label.


In North America there are some Penzoils and Amsoil labeled "100% synthetic". The term "100% synthetic" appears to mean what it says. "Full synthetic" appears to not require actual synthetic oil.


A youtube site called "project farm" does some testing on video grading different oils called synthetic - enlightening.


I am using 0W40 Penzoil 100% synthetic. My reasoning is real synthetic is superior (I have personally seen it more than double the life of a machine) and the thinish oil on startup will lubricate better when cold and I wait until the engine oil (not water) is warmed up before I seriously load the engine.


And of course, a mile is a mile.


Added from wikipediea:Some "synthetic" oil is made from Group III base stock, some from Group IV. Some from a blend of the two. Mobil sued Castrol and Castrol prevailed in showing that their Group III base stock oil was changed enough that it qualified as full synthetic. Since then API has removed all references to Synthetic in their documentation regarding standards. "Full synthetic" is a marketing term and is not a measurable quality.


REPEAT: "Full synthetic" is a marketing term and is not a measurable quality.


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On 30/12/2019 at 12:19, MR.C said:

Whats the old saying,all wear is done within the first five seconds!

In which case a thinner oil is going to get to the wearing surfaces quicker.

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cast iron

I'm running with Royal Purple oils , in the BEC Race car, the Freelander, the motor home and the Vivaro dog van

the last race car engine rebuild the builder commented on how clean the internals were.

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