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Which Rolling Road / Tuners would you recommend?


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I've recently fitted throttle bodies to my 1800 zetec. This was one of the kits recently supplied by WF and although it runs I'd like to get it properly set-up/map tweaked etc.

So I was wondering where you guys would recommend taking it too?

I live in the Reading area.

Regards Graham

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Just back from a soaking wet 360 mile round trip to Northampton Motorsports to get my Zetec / MBE 956 re-mapped.  Recommendations on here consider them to be the best on older MBE 956s, which are not

EFI parts. Runcorn. Quite flexible guy that does from track and rally cars to Drag monsters. Better give him a call to ask him abou your setup and find out what he can do. Is a super honest guy,

The sage advice seems to be to ensure they're (extremely) familiar with mapping your particular ECU

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Graham,I live in Thatcham and for local set up there is no-one I'd really recommend (although there is one rolling road in Reading).I guess you will have to travel to get it done.I have used Owen Developements in Kingston Bagpuize near Abingdon.They might help you out.Ask for Mark.I travel to Norfolk to get mine done by Emerald,but I suppose it depends on what ecu Westfield have supplied.
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I and quite afew other members have had excellent results from Steve Greenald:

Race Engine Calibrations / Track 'n' Road Powerformance (Rolling road & Engine dyno tuning)- 01708 869189 / 07774 773824 Steve Greenald

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Up here the sunny North East a guy called Ron Harper (Classics Sports) is pretty highly thought of and if I remember correctly he is a Webber agent

01642 706046 ;)

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Mark Stanton

Dennis Vessey - oop North

Hi Tech - YamYamland

Northampton Motorsport  South and Midlands  :D

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I was basing my recommendation on this link

I also had my crank and flywheel balanced by a guy who knows them and said they do a lot of cars. I'm not defending them, just saying what I've heard.

I think I'll ring round the other local ones and see what they have to say.



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I've used this guy before and he gets a  :t-up:  from me.

Peter Baldwin - Rolling Road

Wilsher Garages Ltd.

18 Cambridge Road




tel. (01223) 207217

or see here

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