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what  bhp can I expect from the various engines


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What sort of power outputs can be expected from each of the engine options fitted to a westfield in standard spec and what sort of power has been gained by tuning.

I"ll start with what I know..

Suzuki Hayabusa will be 170-180 bhp  in standard spec..

1400cc rebore with cams and headwork 200-210 bhp.

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Sounds much like the SAAB-engine.   Not in brittain. Check (mainly in Sweden I guess and mostly due to availability and our bhp restrictions on a car) Tall. Check. Need modified sump and V8 bonnet.

Compressed low cr forged XE with XE cams 285hp at o.45 and 395 at 1.05 and 50kgr torque. new 87lbr injectors and dyno soon.   N\A 1.4 XE with mantzel inlet,shrick 264 cams supersprint and remap at 1

isn't that like saying a lucas starter can get around 160bhp but would require other parts ?   power is made by a package and/ or combination of parts.   in the question above the cam is just a si


Cosworth turbo - 220bhp standard.  

Chip / ecu upgrade, and equivalent bits 270-300ish depending on turbo and injectors

New turbo, lower compression, headwork 350 - 600bhp depending on spec and size of wallet.

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2003 FI R1 engine will give about 150bhp as standard.

2000/1 FI Blade engine will give about 135bhp as standard (despite honda claiming 150bhp which they backed down from).

A 1700 Xflow with a 711m block, Piper 285 cam, Twin 40 DCOE Webers with K&Ns, Lumenition electronic ignition gave roughly 130bhp.

A John Eales built rover 4.6 rover v8 on a webber carb will give somewhere between 280bhp & 300bhp.


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Series 1 and 2 1.8 zetec on standard injection is said to be 130bhp

Series 1 and 2 1.8 zetec on Twin 45's with 2L cams made aprox 150bhp.

Standard 1.6 CVH with twin 40's makes about 105bhp

1.6CVH with 275deg cam (fast road) twin 40's makes about 120bhp

1.6CVH with 285deg cam (rally) ported head work/solid lifters makes about 135-140bhp

Toyota 4 AGE, twin 45's made 132bhp

Toyota 4 AGE, twin 45's with Raw's track pac 1 made 157bhp

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Toyota 4AGE 1600 16v series 3 Small Port:

130 with standard injection,

135-140 with Throttles or twin carbs,

160-165 with uprated cams,

upto 250 with headwork, pistons etc.

and they weigh less than a x-flow :D

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Mark Stanton

1600 CVH + twin 40 DCOE webers in standard between 95 and 105BHP

1600 CVH + twin 40 DCOE webers with special profiled piper cam and headwork + solid lifters between 140 & 150BHP

1600 VX on tapered throbble botties - standard tune - around 165BHP

1600 VX on tapered throbble botties + cams and minor headwork - 200BHP is achievable

More work still and 250+

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Ford 2Ltr Duratec as fitted to a 2001 year onwards Ford Mondeo 107 kilowatt = 143.489 363 891 horsepower [international]

190/200 with Throttle boddies and the usual Westfield style instalation parts fitted and no other engine mods ie like a sealed engine

With rods, pistons, cams, different injectors  240/250bhp

With loads more money spent on the engine 300bhp is achivable

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Barry Ashcroft

Small block chevy with a stroaker crank to increase cc to 400ci or 6.6ltr.

Steel crank & H beam rods, keith black pistons, roller cam kit with roller rockers, mallory ignition and a webber 750 cfm carb will give circa 500bhp

Make it all aluminium and it will fit in a westie  :D  :D


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Just had my 1800 zetec on twin 40s rated on the rolling road by Aldon Automotive.

Came out at Max.141 bhp at the flywheel (106 at the wheels) @ 6181rpm.

Was expecting about 150, so not far off I suppose!

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I assume that's a Duractec you're talking about Paul? ???


Yep I pressume Paul does mean the 2.0L Ford duratec out of the later Mondeo's.

Standard 143/145 bhp in the Mondeo, and mine with satndard Westfield supplied Throttle Bodies and exhaust etc made 185 bhp at the flywheel, 148 bhp at the wheels, with a CAT fitted (probably 190 ish with CAT removed)

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2 litre Pinto, Kent FR32 cam, twin 45s, Bosch Ignition- 155 bhp flywheel

2 litre Aspirated Cosworth YB, L14 inlet, BD3 exhaust, twin 45s, Bosch Ignition- 210 bhp @ flywheel (not rolling road tuned)

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