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Guidelines for use of the FAQ section:

1. All questions must be related to the subject of Westfield cars, or kit cars in general (or information related to them).

2. Please check that your question has not already been asked before posting. If it has, but doesn't quite cover your exact requirement, then post in the original thread asking for further information.

3. Please make the topic title a question. That way, people searching for a similar question should be able to find the relevant answer easily

4. Please keep this area free of general discussion. The first post should be the question, and subsequent posts should only provide further information towards an answer.

5. This section will be regularly pruned and edited by the boardroom's moderators in order to compress the answers into a single post, remove duplicate questions etc.

6. Where the answer to a question is subjective ('Which brake pads are best' for example) please include links to existing discussion on the subject where possible, rather than repeating the discussion in the FAQ section.

7. Feel free to post both the question and answer if you feel the information is of use to the readers of the boardroom. To maintain the style please make an initial post containing the question, followed by a further post containing the answer. This will enable questions without answers to be spotted easily (as they will be the only topics without replies).

8. Mention of specific suppliers should be simply in order to identify a list of suppliers for a specific item. Discussion related to the relative merits of suppliers should be reserved for other sections

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