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Exhaust noise


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Enjoy. It's all part of Westfield ownership :D

Indeed it is. But not when the trackday organiser won't let you play because your car is deemed to be too noisy... :(

The noise from your Westfield will mainly come from the exhaust, but there may also be a considerable amount of noise generated from the induction system too.

Exhaust wise, you need more silencer. Longer, larger diameter, or ideally a combination of both. It is highly recommended to purchase a repackable type (the sound deadening materials inside will degrade in time). There are quite a few companies out there who specialise in silencers/systems, and the Westfield factory themselves also offer a 'trackday' silencer.

Induction noise can be a tad more difficult to control. Airboxes are becoming more commonplace, in a bid to lessen the roar from a wide open throttle.

Note that a change in the exhaust and/or induction system may effect the 'tune' of the engine - possibly requiring adjustments in fuelling and igniton timing.

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