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Ford Engine choice


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Ok lots of questions here:

I have the chance of a Mk5 RS2000 (Chain drive 16V, 150 Bhp :D ) lump for £300. This includes winged sump, alternator and starter. No electrics or fuelling.

Is this a reasonable price ?

How much do reckon to get the thing running, carbs, electrics etc ?

How do I get it running ?

As for electrics what exactly do I need as there's nothing with it ? Sensors, distributor, whatever ????

Is the block any different from Pinto, Zetec etc with regard to engine mounting brackets ?

I like the look of a 16V lump under the bonnet so therfore would I be better off going to the scrappy plucking a Zetec and all ancillaries from a suitable donor.

What can I expect to pay, for a 1.8/2.0 for example ?

Before all you Ford engine haters begin, I know, I know  VX 16 V's etc are better, but its going to be Ford due to the fact I can get cheap spares.



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Most folks on here know of my love for Vx's but..........if I was offered a Mk5 RS2000 engine, I'd probably take it. It's the only modern ford engine (apart fom the new Duratec) that can give reasonably large power without the need for really large expense. That's not to say it's cheap either though.

Unfortunately, I know nothing about it at all as far as whats required to install one in a Westfield. You could try speaking to Roland Hayes or Aaron Tucker at HT Racing, who were the folks I would have used, had I bought one. A yell.com search should find them. They're based in Kent.

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