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how much oil goes in an Xflow


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Changed the oil at the weekend - i think ive got a shallower sump - but im not sure if the dipstick was ever modified, or what the oil capacity is - ive stuck 3.5 Litres in - is this enough - im worried about over filling it and blowing seals?

thanks for any advice


PS - Its a 1700 Xflow.

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I have a feeling it's nearer 4 and a bit litres.  I *think* the capacity of my Vulcan shallow sump was seven pints which seemed to be not quite a full 5 litre can of oil.

Is that vague enough for you ???  ;)

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well 7 pints is about a tad over 4 litres - about 4.15 or something. So i guess i need to put a little more in.



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X-Flow's have an oil system like F16 fighter jets, a total loss oil system you just keep filling it up every time you refuel it.


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