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Stainless Exhaust

Stuart C

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Just noticed a slight crack at the front of my Stainless Silencer. At present it is a Westfield System for 1.8 Zetec on Throttle Bodies. I am also on my second heat shield wich has again cracked at the sleave Joints.

Can anybody advise me of where to go to get a new silencer with a heat sheild that dosn't crack or better still dos'nt need  one.



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As long as you and your passengers are careful, you don't need a heat shield. The SBD carbon can does not get that hot, so that also doesn't need a heat shield. It's not a cheap solution though.

How old is the silencer? If it is under 12 months old, I'd be taking it back to where it came from. Same with the heat shield.

The only real way to solve the cracking silencer problem is to add a second mount at the nose of the silencer to take some of the unsupported weight. I am currently investigating whether I want to do this to the car in the picture, in order to save (potentially) me ruining the SBD carbon can I currently use (NOT pictured)

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Cheers Blatman

Exhaust is nearly 3 years old. The heatshield was supplied free of charge 6 months ago (due to the last one cracking) by those kind people at Westfield. Seems as though its the expansion of the silencer together with vibration that is causing it. bl**** anoying rattle when cold but goes when the exhaust heats up. Ill look into the double mounting but me thinks the exsisting one will need repacing very soon.


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Chris Elworthy


I am currently running the Standard Westfield Silencer and Heatshield (I will be changing it shortly for other reasons), however, I did consider the expansion issue a bit.

I have only done one of the Giant Jubilee clips up tight-ish, the other one I,ve done up so that it can still move a little bit.

The tight one locates the heatshield laterally & radially, the other stops that end flapping, but allows the Silencer and Heatshield to expand or conatract at different rates.

Good Luck

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Had an identical problem with my Carbon Sport last summer.  First the heat shield mount tags failed one by one.  This was replaced free of charge by Westfield.  I then had two support links to the rubber mount fail, then finally the weld failed between the front pipe and silencer.

Seemed to solved the problem now.  Dismantled the exhaust, had the fractured weld re-welded and finally replaced the original Westfield square rubber mount for a round curved in side rubber mount.  This new rubber mount allowed for more movement in the exhaust.  In the last 8 months I have had no problems at all.

Replace the rubber mount with a more flexible one to allow the exhaust free movement.

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Had the same problem with mine on a Pinto'ed Westie.

Mine fractered at the front like yours, but worst still at the rear. The rear is caused by what I consider to be a poor mounting design. I think it needs fixing around the silencer box as opposed to the stubby exit pipe.

I went for a WunOff Exhausts unit in the end. The steel's twice as thick as Westfield's and the construction is much stronger. If you measure it up correctly they will supply a superb starp to mount it around the silencer as I suspect is needed.

I'm sure the smaller leaks at the front of mine will be sorted by the WunOffs part being generally a much stronger construction.

Check my home page www.n-hatton.demon.co.uk and goto the [What Next] then [Westie Projects] page for more details and pics.



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