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Wheels & Tyres


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My seiw (x-flow) is running 13 inch rims at present with 185 x 60 tyres (cycle wings).

What are the pros and cons for going for larger rims and low profile tyres?

I have no plans to change wheels size but I am in the market for new wheels and tyres.

My choice at the moment is the classic Compomotive ML with Yok. 032s.

What size tyre should they be (185/195/205) and what offset should the wheels have.



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How wide are your wheels at the moment ?  And what's the current offset ?

Are you simply looking to replace your current 13" rims with slightly wider ones or keep the same dimensions ?

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I purchased the car second hand 6 months ago and would like to know if I stick with the 13 inch rims is there any point fitting wider tyres?


Is it worth while fitting larger wheels and wider tyres?


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Stick with the 13's. Larger diameter wheels with low profile tyres will give a worse ride quality, and the tyres will be more expensive. The general consensus is away from 15's back to 13's. 15's will also be less easy to read when approaching the limit. I swapped from 15's to 13's and the difference was (still is) amazing.

I'd keep the 185/60's all round, and fit Yokohama AO21r's (better in the wet than.....) or AO32r's. If you really want wider rears, then 205/60's should fit, but there will be no appreciable increase in grip, and possibly even less grip (than 185's) in the wet...........

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What Blatman said....... ;)

Indicentally, if you have 6x13 wheels then 205/60/13s A032Rs are the biggest you can get on them.  Personally I'd use 185/60/13 for which the recommended wheel width is 5.5 - 6 inches for the reasons Blatman stated above.

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