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RSV 1000

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A lot of talk seems to happen around tyres, I am running a pinto SEI wide with 15" 195/50's and seem not to have the right blend of handling and grip ie too much grip and not enough feel.

Any ideas ?  Cars such as the Elise have diff size front and rear, width wise. Has anyone else tried this ?

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ian crocker

All other things being equal (which they rarely are) the tyre sizes should be in rough proportion to the weight distribution.  That is why mid/rear engined cars always have bigger back tyres.  I suspect a Pinto Westfield is only slightly tail heavy with the driver.



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What make/model of tyre? I have tried all sorts of tyres over the years, but never seem to be have been in the happy position of having too much grip........

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As I don't use my Westfield on a track, prefer to play at lower speeds rather than have outright grip. Thanks for the advice, think will just keep the same.  Had it like this for 5 years now, just fancied a change.


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