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Suspension Settings


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I'm running a 91 SEIWide with a Cosworth 4x4 LSD and Spax adjustable shockers (not sure of spring rates).

Its currently set to 0 degs camber all round which I believe should be -1 to -1.5 degs negative? What do you think?

What shocker settings should I run for track / road use ?

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Depends on lots of things......

Engine/car weight/your weight/tyres/tyre pressure/front to back weight split/CofG/brakes/spring rates/ride height (front to back)/the weather/how uncomfortable your prepared to be and what colour socks your wearing :) etc...

Have a look at my site for the settings I use on my car, but note all of the above. On my car this works (very well) - on yours it might not, but at least its a starting point.

My ride height is 125mm back 100mm front as measured on the points in the manual.



The MegaBLADE Site

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Fast Westie

I'd use about -1 deg and 4 clicks at the front for the road and up to -2.5 deg on the track with about 10 clicks. At the rear try -0.75 deg and 2-3 clicks.

You can play with tyre pressures, but start at about 18psi.

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