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Why do you dislike Ford motors?


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Hmmmm .....

**it had a very high yawn factor but the horrible noises it made at anything over 2000 RPM managed to keep me awake**

Yupp, that does sound like a Vauxhall alright .... :devil:


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I also had the mis-fortune to drive a chevvy cavalier in California a few years back. My colleague and I found that if you paid a bit more on the company credit card and got some of the super dooper unleaded (then 60 cents a gallon!!!;) and put that inside it, they went a bit quicker and sounded nicer but only a bit.

Most interesting moment in that car was when we were coming down a mountain with switch-backs and all at about 50 mph, brakes almost on fire cause it was an auto and we were overtaken by a cyclist!


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Most Alpine passes are faster on a cycle I have raced press motorbikes off a few passes while watching the tour de France and won until the road levels off a far bit on one occasion the motor bike would almost get level into the hair pin bend and out of the corner of my eye I could see the shocks bottoming out under braking and the rider fighting with his bike then out of the hair pin I could hear him hitting the rev limiter in the gears, then the same out braking move at the next bend and another failed pass until the road levelled out enough. Cars are easy prey on this type of road.


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