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aldon automotive, brierley hill


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I've used Aldon loads of times in the past, they are specialists in modifying advance curves and used to do a very thorough job. My more recent experiences have not been so good to the extent that I've stopped recommending them for RR work, they are also less happy than they used to be with owners observing whats going on.

After a recent session on a friends Pinto he came away with 3 different types of idle jets and a different main in one of the carbs. I'm sure it depends on who you get on your car, the guy doing this one was desperately trying to smooth the progression at full throttle, despite us telling him the engine had a 324 degree cam and would *never* be happy at 2500 on full throttle.


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I use Aldons regularly and they are quite good. I speak to Allan Goodwin (the Al part of the Aldon). The only negative side that I've found is that they have time slots and if its getting near to the end of yours, they rush things to get you out for the next guy. They can also be pricey on the parts.

I have heard good reports of a place called Hi Tech in Brierley Hill, but have no phone number.


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