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Gear Shift Light Connection Setup


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Hi All,

While checking cabling layouts under the dash I stumbled upon an unconnected cable labeled 'Gear Shift Light'.  I put 2+2 together and after trying again got 4 concluding that I have a gear shift light :)

The setup seems to be this:

12v ignition feed to the bulb connector, with another feed taken from this powering the rev counter.  Then a single wire which looks like it comes from the direction of the alpha 3d iginition to the back of the VDO rev counter (labelled number 8 on the Rev counter junction block at the back).  The ground is either from the 3d ignition unit or the rev counter but I cant see one thats disconnected.

I havent got the manual but would presume that the ignition gives power to the bulb and to complete the circuit the ground comes from the Alpha 3d unit when the rev limit is reached (otherwise its always off) & switches on the light.  Rather than the actual rev counter switching the light on at max (which would seem stupid as you cant manually adjust it).

Could someone confirm?


Westy :cool:

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Do Not put a lamp across the wires to test this until you have a manual the stack dash I have only allows a 2watt  output/load so you need to relay the lamp. I have used a flashing LED and have some spare if you want one.


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I put an 'Alpha' shift light on my car's Alpha 3d setup after I bought it and wired the light as per instructions to +ve and shared earth on the rev counter and then spliced into the YELLOW wire from the 3d box which was the rev counter signal (BTW. the Alpha 5 LED shift light was £50 from Webcon in Middlesex).  :p

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Thanks for the posts Paul, Peter - dont surpose you have any documentation on the alpha 3d wiring you could scan and email to aid future 'tinkering'?

In the mean time I will try and locate the yellow wire...though unluckily for me the guy that built it seems to have had a wire shortage and some change colour as they get routed!



5 LED system now that sounds cool :t-up:

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I have used a bright large LED via a relay. I contacted Webcon and confirmed all I needed was this setup via the yellow wire. The problem is that the light has never come on.

The 3d system (blue box version) does not do a soft cut until 6500 and a hard cut at 7000. Without going to a webcon agent you cant change these values.

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Sorry Nigel the car's in the 'workshop' (read my tatty garage) for a winter rebuild and I think we're busy this weekend but I can get you a copy of the fitting instructions for the shift light and fax/post them over to you - email me at petergwestie@hotmail.com

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[surely you can find a nice lampshade to fit on this]/quote

Funnily enough I bought a nice new lamp for the lounge on Saturday, while Westy was out playing with his Westie :0 - I'm sure with a few modifications it would look lovely on the dashboard..  :D

I'm still trying to sneakily fix a hairdryer in there somehow (a) for some warmth and (b) so I can do my hair at the other end of draughty Westie journies...

Oh I'm such a girl, what am I doing on this forum  (yes Westy I know I'm in trouble, I'm going now byee)

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Mrs. Westy I think I love you.

'Scuse me, I saw her first..........

[THWACK] Oh......er.........Hi Blatgirl..................  :love:

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Yep Blatman gets second's he did infact meet her first

Oi 'scuse me Westy, aren't you supposed to defend my honour by fighting a duel with such ruffians, not by allotting (is that a word?) who gets first pickings.

Blatman you're not to tell *anyone* what I looked like having been dragged out of bed at 7.30 on a Sunday morning without having done my hair, put any make up on, and suffering from conjunctivitis :blush:

Mrs Westy (yes yes I'm in trouble, get off the forum etc - thought I'd save you the bother of typing it yourself :D )

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