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Red Top baterry or Equiv.

Buzz Billsberry

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Buzz Billsberry

Hi Guys

I'm looking 2 replace my battery in the 'Buzzwaggen' the car runs a XE2.0 16v, std compression etc. The battery I use at the moment is the size of a suite case and weighs the same as the 'tubba' I picked up over the christmas hols!!!.

I was looking to replace it with a Red Top 25 as it has  similar characteristics i.e 480 Amps 16 cap/Ah. could I get away with a Red top 20 or 15?

Red Top 20@

390 amps/  13 Cap/Ah

Red Top 15 @

300amps  14 Cap/Ah

The thinking behind this is weight saving. There is a 1Kg diff. between the Red Top 25 and the 15 plus the 15 is smaller.

The car is used on the road regularly thro' the summer as well as track days & speed series.

please advise I've not a clue


Buzz :cool:

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Mike Field (of 750MC Bike Series fame) works for MDS and sells Yausa batteries. I think it's the NPC 17-12 you're after (check with him though). Weighs in at 6.5kg and costs £35. Can be used in any orientation.....

Alternatively Race Technology (Martin Hill) may be worth contacting as well. There are a lot of cheaper alternatives to the Red Tops :D

Mike Field - sales@mdsbattery.co.uk

Martin Hill - mhill@race-technology.com



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ian crocker

The SBS30 is probably too big for a Vx.  I use one in my Seight and it has never failed to start the car year round even after long periods in the garage in the depths of winter!


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I use red top 20 in a high compression XE20 and it works really well. I woudl go for this or a 15 as there is plenty of capacity for a good engine to start with the 20 event with all teh electrics going etc..

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