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Ford Gearboxes


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Please help..

I've recently removed the gearbox from my 89 pre-lit

& I'm struggling to identifie what box it is...

As it attaches to a kent block I was expexting a Rocket box as pictured in my ford escort manuals.

As a rocket box top cover has 8 bolts holding it on this has 4???? & there is'nt a piece going accross the middle of the opening holding the selector mechanisum, it seems the cover holds part of the selector mechanisum....

Oh yes.... it does have ford markings stamped on it if that helps......

Any advice would be welcomed........

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If it has an integral remote gearchange it could be a 3 rail mexico/2000E box or a single rail box, if it has an ally tube connecting the top of the box to the remote, its a single rail, if it doesn't have one it's a 3 rail mexico/2000E box.


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Superb guys.

That page was just what I needed.

Its a single rail box, I dont know weather thats good or bad.

The box seems strong enough it has about 160+bhp put through it regularly at sprints & hillclimbs.  Now I need to know if tranex/quaife do gear sets for them???

Any more advice would be more than welcome..


Brad ;)

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Keith Scarfe
Now I need to know if tranex/quaife do gear sets for them???

Of course they do, they do gears for just about everything but £££££££££££

There is also a company called BGH that do gears for most of the ford boxes. You might want to check these out.

Again I will point to some of DVA's info.

Have a look at:


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You may wish to take a look at www.tran-x.com

This will give you clear pictures of the different boxes together with a variety of geraings to suit.


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