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flat battery


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can anyone help !

I've got a 91 seiwide with a modified pinto.

It will only crank over a few times before the battery seems to flatten. I bought a new '063' battery last week (charged overnight) - very hopefull. No better.

I've had the battery conditioner on it since, still to no avail.

I can stick a booster on it to get it going, take it out for a good spin, come to it the next day and the same again, even with the conditioner on.

The cranking current of the battery is 370A.(is this enough)

Even with the weather etc. I wouldnt expect it to be this bad.

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Starter motor, earthing and the alternator would be the next things I'd check.

My starter motor packed up and this gave all the symptoms of a flat battery.  New starter motor and problem solved.

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Ian Podmore

Cranking current only needs to be in the region of 200 Amps for 1800 / 2000 cc engines.

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Matt Seabrook

If the starter motor checks out ok check your timing.If it is over advanced it will seem like your battery is flat.

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