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Registering a Westie in France

Richard D

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Does anyone have, or know anyone who has, any knowledge of re-registering a Westfield in France.

Failing that would it be conceivable to build one over there?

Any help appreciated.



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I think the dodge is to retain the UK plate and continue to have it MOT'd in this country. My old car was bought for use in France by Neil Cordwell@sandwich.pfizer.com - I'm sure he won't mind if you contact him.



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Fast Westie


If the car is an ZEi 130 of 220 then not problem. Contact the factory for the European Type Approval docs and go to your local services des mines.

Registering any other Westfield in France is a real can of worms. There are some illegally registered on Cortina and Escort reg documents, but that creates insurance problems.

Rumours are if the local services des mines like the look of the car then you'll get through, but forget it in the North East.


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