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Zetec power opinion


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Looking at more ways to spend my student loan.....

Has anyone fitted any of the kent/ piper or other derivatives of aftermarket cam shafts to their zetecs?

If so, are they worth while?

do the race versions have any adverse effects on road driving?

are they a better buy than a set of 2l/ 130 spec cams from the scrappie?

would a full new head from raceline/dunnel be a better alternative in the long run?

why am i asking this now as santa clearly has no time left to bring them out from greenland!:(

my setup is an 1800zetec runnig twin 40's, its ok on the road but hey, theres always room for more:)

any comments and/or feedback gratefully recieved.



enjoy christmas

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take  out the zetec set fire to it ,then fit a 2.016v vx

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and you all of Zetec experience then !!

Perhaps take it out and put in a 2.0L

with Kent fast road Cams and a flowed head

and see the VX's disappear in the rear view

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Lets be realistic here, a VX out of the box with just a set of Webers will obliterate a similarly specced Zetec, the VX head is *way* better and it has a more favourable bore/stroke ratio and hence higher potential valve area per litre. The VX engine is a jewel and has a very strong motorsport heritage, parts for it are easy to get hold of and it responds well to tuning, ultimate potential is around the 300BHP mark.

That said the Zetec is a reasonable workmanlike engine on which I have recently spent some time. Piper do a good pair of cams which work with the standard hydraulic followers which, when coupled with the right head mods and throttle bodies will give a solid 200BHP with a strong torque curve to match. I have all the details of the cams and the head mods on the PC here including detailed photos of the head mods and some accompanying blurb together with a dyno curve plotted against a Dunnell prepared (read expensive) Zetec. I have put this on a CD for a couple of people, if you'd like me to cut you a copy I can.

If you spent £2000 on Zetec that would get you TBs, engine management, a set of cams, a good porting job on the head and a decent exhaust and around 200BHP, spend the same on the VX and you would looking at closer to 235BHP.

Just a porting job and the cams, together with properly calibrated Webers would get you near this figure too.

The 1.8 will respond reasonably well to similar treatment, but there is no substitute for cubic capacity. I have 5 or 6 Zetec heads here including a couple with the 130PS cams if you'd like a set. I dont want a lot for them.


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i would still take it out and burn it

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First On Race Day

When was the last time a Vauhwhat engined car won a world Rally, Turring car,F1,Endurance race  :D  :D  :D

Yes Iam at work look at the time date, home soon to play on the 6 year old son's PS2  GT3

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Hey guys just take a look at the 1700+ catagory in the Speed Series and see where the Zetects compare to the Vauxhall Engine.

The VX is a better engine as standard and cost more to produce and was too over spec for a road car and hence the lesser Ecotec. That said the Zetec is a mass produced engine making it a good all round (and much cheaper) alternative. In addition with the right bits it can perform well.

Burn the Witch.................

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Congratulations to Westfieldman 2002 for having the biggest avatar picture in the entire world.  Measuring an amazing 2048 x 1536 pixels or 795kb our beloved boardroom automatically shrinks it down to a tiny little image of 7kb (0.88%) for displaying :)

www.download.com look for Paintshop pro to shrink it down.

Just pulling your cracker :xmas:

Westy :cool:

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why not use the tried and tested way of adding several tyres used if poss then add petrol strike one match add to tyres and petrol ,no more zetec job done .then buy vauxhall

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Re DWilkes comments, My first Westfield was a VX engined car that unfortunatly I had to sell a couple of years ago. When I found myself in a position to replace the car I tried demos from all manufacturers. None of these provided the pure excitement of the Westfield. So I went to to the factory and tried a bike engined jobby and a 155 bhp Zetec unit The bike unit was fine but not suited to my "lazy" driving style and the Zetec unit was in all honesty  just plain boring and lacking the energy of the VX car I had owned. To cut a long story short I have now purchased my origional car back from the guy I sold it to, (It was in Ntn Ireland), and it feels better than ever. So yes I have tried both. NO CONTEST


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