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Torque Settings

Noel Johnson

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Noel Johnson

Hi All,

I've just bought a torque wrench has a working range of 40-200 Nm, as a rough guide is anything less than 40 Nm "hand tight" or do I need to buy another one?



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this wrench is probably a bit high for general use. You coud certainly use some lower settings.

40Nm is 4 kilos hanging on a meter bar. for small fittings you will want less.

Hand tight tends to be a bit variable depending on the hands been used.

Some examples:

Vx 16v 2L Cam Caps: 20Nm

Stage 1 Head Bolts : 25Nm

Dry Sump: 10Nm.

That said there are plenty of bolts you will want this range for sp perhaps the best bet would be to go and get an addition small torque wrench for 5-50Nm range.

Also dont forget to unwind the setting on you wrench when you are done to prevent it going out of calibration.

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