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M16 Brake Calipers


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So, you've stripped down the brake caliper, taken them apart, had them dipped and cleaned, bought the seal kit, but there is not 'O' Ring for the feed between the two halves of the caliper.

Does anyone know where I can get these 'O' rings from, short of going down the scrappies and getting another set of calipers and using the 'O' ring from the scap pair.

Help.   ???

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When I reconditioned my brakes, I managed to get all the parts from my local **** dealer (I can still not say that word).

Go down there, get to now the chap behind the counter you will be seeing a lot of him


p.s I might have the part number nack home if you need let me know, and I will dig it out at the weekend

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Mark Stanton

Yep, you can get a full calliper conditioning kit incl O rings from many of the local dealerships.  ???

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I have managed to source some 'O' Rings, from ASK in Kippax.  They are amounst other things, a shop that sells 'O' Rings (Thanks John  :p).  Indeed I bought all the 'O' Rings the size I needed for the Callipers.

If any of you don't know about ASK in Kippax (Nr Leeds), it's worth calling in, it is a right treasure trove of anything automotive.



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Chris Elworthy


Try the following:


Redmay Industrial Estate

Church Lane



NG23 7JP

Phone: 01636 893453

I am sure that they will have them.

PS - The rash has cleared up now so stuff will be in POst to you on Monday.

PSS - Talking of Newark, did you know that it is an anagram of W*nker.


Chris Elworthy

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