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Breathing on a xflow

Phil P

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I have a question about the breathing on my xflow.

At the weekend, I noticed that when blipping the throttle with the bonnet off that I would see fumes coming out of the K&N oil catch tank breather, is this usual xflow behaviour?

Engine is a 1700 xflow, 234 cam on twin 40DCOEs. I have the block breather and rocker cover plumbed into an westfield aluminium catch tank with K&N breather vent. Oil pressure is good at 2 bar hot idle, 4-5 bar on the run - only a very small amount of oil in the bottom of the catch tank and no oiling of the plugs

Any comments/ experiences greaty appreciated.


Phil P

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Yep, it's perfectly normal - "They all do that sir...."

Providing you're not getting loads of oil in the catch tank then it's nothing to worry about.

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