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4 to 5 speed


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hi guys just removed 4 speed box. any advise for me putting in 5 speed sierra box on my xflow. do i need right angle speedo drive, does prop have to be shortened

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You don't need the angle speedo drive, but it'll help.

Shorter prop, yes, and a new (further back) rear mount. Westfield used to make these for narrow body cars (I have one) and is a plate that you fit between the chassis rails in the prop tunnel.

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you will also need a different clutch friction plate. The 5 speed box has a large input shaft with a different spline configuration.

What you will need is a friction plate with a 5 speed centre and a Xflow type outer dimension. I think there is a standard car that has these but I got one made by a local clutch manufacturer out of the appropriate cente and outer.

Also you probably want some kind of gearbox extension especially if you using one at the moment.

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