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What Tyres???


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Pah, you're all wimps  :p

You want to try some real mans tyres like Avon CR338's  :0

Now these baby's will have you reaching for your ice-skates on a bone dry, molten araldite road, let alone a wet racetrack.

Live life off the edge, drive on 338's  ???

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Thanks for the link (yours is now on my site too).

If your happy with your settings the no probs, but getting the suspension checked/reset only involves taking your car to a garage with a laser/computer alignment system and paying them around £60.

May be an idea to show them the manual pages that detail the adjustment info and tell them what the car is doing/what you want it to do together with a guide to the values - but thats it.




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A question to the list, is it a bit mistake fitting 205x60x13's on

6x13 wheels?

Yes I know that they will fit, but will they have too mutch movement and flex.  

Use will be 95% road.


Orange Megablade

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I have been using 205/60/13's (Falken ZE502's) on 6" rims for the last half of the season. If they are flexing, then I'm either not good enough to notice, or they aren't doing it excessively. In changing from 15" rims to 13" rims, I immediately found the car handled much better. Enough to knock over 7 seconds off my best time at Wiscombe :cool: The wheels/tyres were the only things I changed this season.

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