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Wheel Nuts


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No doubt most of you maintain your own Westie like I do but no doubt, like me, you too have an 'other' car.

My other car also happens to be a high performance machine but I don't maintain it myself, I leave it to 'professionals'. However, my enthusiasm for the car means that I am involved in various clubs, bbs's and lists just as I am with the Westfield and it has recently become apparent that there is a potential risk that we are all open to - namely over-tightened wheel nuts!

I know of two cases recently in which wheel nuts last tightened by a garage/tyre fitting company using an air wrench have been so over-torqued that the studs have sheared while the car was being driven. In one case 200 ft lbs instead of 72 ft lbs and this resulted in a tragic DEATH.

If you are a chap, you will know that you should check your nuts but if you are a car driver you should also check your wheel nuts and ensure that YOU have torqued them to the correct figure.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

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