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0-60 ????

Westfields Rock On

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i got a 2lt pinto powered standard body SE on the drive

Just wondering if any one has an accurate 0-60time.

i havent time but i thought sumwhere around 5.5-6 seconds :durr:

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You could always do the theoretical 0-60 thing with the 'cartest' software.

I think you can download it from DV Andrews site. There are a couple of Westfield configs already in the data, you could just change the gearing and engine spec to see what you could get.


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Earlier this year I used the Race Technology performance meter on my hillclimbing Westie (1800 Zetec with Quaiffe sccr gears and lsd) and got 0-60 in 4.83secs on a public road with not very good surface (away from traffic lights on dual carriageway)   :D   I will try a bit harder next time !  :p

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I used my Race Technology Accelerometer to measure acceleration on my Megabusa. I downloaded all the bits 'n' bobs from the website and set the meter for the cars weight (including driver and fuel), spring rates, power etc using the info provided on ths site.

I knocked up 3.92s to 60mph, 8.94 to 100mph and 12.77s for the 1/4 mile.

At Santa Pod I have yet to break 13s for the quarter, but have got to around 13.1.

I think it's pretty accurate and in theory I should be able to get the busa a bit quicker for both 0-60 and 0-100. (Richard Smith managed 3 runs recently in a busa of between 3.48 and 3.52s 0-60 so it's definitely possible).



The Home of the Westfield Megabusa

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