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Gary Foster

Steppenwolf, I had the Prodrive Back Box, best sounding 4 cylinder engine in the world. PPP back box also makes it sound like concorde taking off when acceleration.

GaryC - that's what I guessed, didn't want to put my foot in it though ;)

So did we all make the move because of the track running costs of the Impreza ? Pete Crowney @ SS certainly acquired a lot of my money :):)

My Fury cost me less than 12 months track running costs in the Impreza (but I was doing it twice a month on average) :o I'm much happier now :) hardly miss it at all (sniff)

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I change to the Blade because my insurance renewal came up on the Impreza.

I was 24 when I bought it (Brand new 99MY) and insurance was £900. I hit 25 and the best insurance I could get was £2700. Cost me about £150 a week in super unleaded and needed servicing every ten minutes.

Living ten minutes away from Graham Goode Racing was getting expensive too! (so many nice things!)

Still, wish I still had it. ( As well as the Blade of course).

Megablade cost £250 to insure but renewal is looming - I'll have to wait and see what happens.

How come I ended up running a ford Ka instead of a 330d or Golf TDi? :(

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