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Throttle bodies on std Zetec ECU

Ian Podmore

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Ian Podmore

I am running an Zetec 1800/130PS with std ECU, but am getting those winter tinkering itches.

Has anyone changed the inlet manifold to throttle bodies whilst retaining the standard ECU?  This would obviously involve feeding the inlets via a plenum chamber to allow the airflow meter to be mounted.

Would there be any gains?

Why would I think of doing this? - By my thinking the ECU self tunes for both fuel and ignition (within what limits?) and would therefore allow extra power from less inlet losses/better flow from throttle bodies plus better throttle response.  This plus a tubular exhaust manifold would give gains for not too much outlay.

All your words of wisdom most appreciated.

Ian :)

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I think the standard ECU works from either a mass airflow sensor / metering flap / Manifold absolute pressure sensor and would be pretty unhappy with a throttle body system that has no provision for the same. Fitting the airflow metering flap upwind of the TBs negates a large part of the improvement you would see from the TBs.

The TPS could be connected with no problem but I'm sure that this alone would not allow the ECU to run the engine properly. The extra volumetric efficiency would probably mean that the modulaled fuel would be insufficient and the engine could go lean. All in all it might be better ro invest in an aftermarket programmable ECU and use this to manage the engine.

Self learning is OK up to a point but is limited in scope. Unless the ECU is very sophisticated then it will revert to basic map settings when not in closed loop.

The Emerald M3D,  DTA, EFI, MBE, GEMS/Lumenition , Pectel, Motech and a host of others would all do the job admirably.

Prices vary from £500 - £1000+ , some require more for the mapping software.


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Have to agree with DVA's comments, junk the standard ecu & go DTA, M3d or MBE, you won't regret it (other than in the wallet!)

Paul @Plays-Kool

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Fast Westie


Don't do it. The standard ECU is cr*p, ideal for a standard Escort to meet emission requirements and thats all. Talk to Scholar Engines (01449 767711). They do a complete throttle body kit premapped close enough for about £1300

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Ian Podmore

Thanks all for the advice.  Replies don't surprise me.

Can any persuade the wife that this is THE most important expenditure at the moment?

I see I'm going to have some hard work ahead of me....

Mines the Westfield with the clean emissions at the moment then.  Not that I care.


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Jenvey throttle bodies and an MBE ECU would be a great way to do it as the red finish of the Jenvey unit is very pretty and may just swing it with the 'management' as it looks so nice!!



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