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I'm Jim, just registed after taking an interest in the Westfield SEiGHT, I was gonna go for a Cobra originally but prices are just too high for a top class build. So rather than a posers machine I thought I'd go for a bl**** quick Westfield.

Is there anyone in the central Norfolk area with a Westfield SEiGHT I could take a look at and quiz for a few minutes?

I've got my 3.5i V8 completely recon'd; viper cam, new followers, rings, Cloyes timing chain, new valve guides, cylinders honed, heads skimmed, all acid dipped and bead blasted, lightened flywheel, crank regrinded, new bearings, rising rate fuel regulator, K&N Filter.....list goes on.

(I know a guy in the Norfolk area who's very good and reasonably priced if anyone wants any V8 parts or work done)

Does anyone know if you need to make any modifications to a Rover 3.5i V8 in order for it too fit into a SEiGHT? I'm sure I read somewhere there's problems with the plenum chamber being too large, is this true?

Also, whats the maximum BHP anyone has put onto the Sierra running gear? has anyone ever blown anything with too much power?



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AFAIK Yes you do need to get the std fi plenum modified.

Westfield modify them by chopping the side inlet off and welding it on one end so the air filter sits right up against the scuttle. Not sure how much they charge (think it might be £400!!!) but the welding looks good on Nigel Deans car in Which Kit.

You could have a look at the www.Rpiv8.com web site, I think they do a carbon fibre plenum. They also have lots of pictures (if you can find them) of customers Westfield, some of which have modified plenums.

Good luck.


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Hi Jim Welcome aboard!

With regards to power, I know of three V8 competition cars which have between 350 & 400bhp, two run through Sierra LSD's, but these have a limited life, (the LS lets go) the third is live axled. All three cars run BIG slicks 12-14" rears, so drive train will get a hammering.  For road use anything with 250bhp will FLY & shouldn't reck the transmission.

Have fun


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Mark Probert

Hi Jim,

I've been looking to buy a seight for a while now, but have been struggling to find something with 240ish 'Real' BHP and side exhausts, mainly because post 96 cars tend to have cats etc.

As someone else has said, the inlet to the standard plenum enters into the side, and though the V8 bonnet scoop accommodates the plenum itself, it doesn't clear the inlet.  Ive seen 3 cures for this:

  - But the westfield rear-intake plenum:  Ive heard that this actually costs £800, though westfield use an airbox and cool air feed pipes to the front of the car - you may be able to reduce this cost by dithching the airbox and pipes, and using a K&N kit direct onto the westie plenum

  - Get an engineering firm to perform the same mod to your plenum (I know of a guy who has had this done in Cumbria - if its near you, I'll give you his number)

   - Cut the bonnet to accommodate. Terry Nightingale recently had a car with this mod done, I have a picture if you want it.  Its much same as Dax do to their rushes.

The only other issues that I know of are:

  - Revised plumbing (though Im told the westfield plumbing kit is lousy)

  - The later serpentine engines squeeze in better, due to the revised timing cover.  You may have to remove the pulley at the front of the engine to fit, or even replace it with a P6 item (as requried for dax rushes).

  - if you run injection, you need to adjust the resistance of the air flow meter to stop it running rich

  - Westfield supply 2 LHS (or RHS - not sure) exhaust manifolds - this is a lousy solution, so most people opt for aftermarket 4-1 stainless manifolds

I assume you are sorted for a box, but the general rule is that the strengthened SD1 box is OK up to 250BHP, and the T5 should be used beyond that.  Im not sure what the R380 is up to.   AFAIK, the sierra diff (most use the cossie type B) is OK up to the point where you have so much power you want  Quaife ATB innards anyway.

Hope this is of help, its all from memory, so I can double check or send you the web sources direct if necessary.


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