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Fitting a brake servo


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I used to have a Westie (90 SE 1600XF) until I got too wide-bodied and my other half complained about the "basic" nature. Now I've got a Haldane (Austin Healey 100 replica) but it's got lots of the same types of parts underneath that Westies have, so I thought I would ask you.

The brakes work OK, but as the car is heavier than a Westie it seems to take its time to slow the thing down.

Does anyone have any hints, tips or suggestions on fitting a brake servo, e.g. don't go there, piece of p*ss (if so, how?), or anything else? It's got a 2 litre Pinto (ex-Cortina), with pedal box off a Vauxhall Chevette, if any of that is relevant.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

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It's well worth fitting a servo if you find the brakes heavy, you will lose a degree of feel but the benefits should outweigh the disadvantages, the weight of the pedal is primarily determined by the hydrualic ratio between the master cylinder and the wheel cylinders / pistons, perhaps this is unfavourable in your case and you need a smaller bore master cylinder which will give a better lever advantage (and more movement in the pedal).

Most modern cars have servos which are integrated with the master cylinder, however remote servos such as those fitted to the old Rover 2000 and some minis are ideal for this application, I am sure I have seen these for sale somewhere, maybe Demon Thieves, Europa or Rally Design.


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