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Reverse gearbox oil


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Can anyone recommend an oil that has worked well in their reverse gearbox? The factory has stipulated E.P. 80 or 90, but no specific brand. Has anyone tried a part synthetic lubricant such as Castrol 75-90 ?

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Reverse boxes have a high tendency to blow up and need warranty work, so if you use a different oil from the factory recommendation you could be landing yourself with trouble if they get wind of it when there are warranty issues.

Most bike engined cars I know run Redline Shockproof (Heavyweight) Gear Oil. It has a 250W viscosity rating so copes with the heat much better than EP90. Fully Synth. Can get it thru Demon Tweeks.

Reverse boxes and their oil are nothing but trouble!

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Stick with a quality oil but don't go mad, the blessed thing slowly blows it out anyway  :devil:

Comma or Castrol is just fine for the length of time it's going to stay in there... doh...

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