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Ford KA 2014 (non Westfield Question)


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My missus has a 2014 Ford KA 1.2 petrol which she loves to bits and generally goes well for her 2000 miles each year..


However earlier this year the yellow low fuel warning light started to come on all the time, although not fully lit plus also the DPF light exactly the same... In fact I noticed this when I drove the car for some reason.


At the start it seemed to be intermittent...


Then about two or so months later after noticing the lights whist she was driving the car just died. After pushing to the side of the road and waiting ten minutes or so it started ok and she drove it to the garage. They checked it out and said the airflow meter needed cleaning, which they did and it has run ok since.


However the lights are either coming on again or have still been coming on.. I am not sure which because I only drove the car again recently and saw they were still partially illuminated. Once you turn the ignition off and take key out the lights stay lit for maybe 10 or so seconds and then they both go out together.


Our local garage said they think there is a fault in the panel so dash would need to come out and be repaired electronically or replaced...


One of the guys at work has a decent diagnostic scanner and it did not come up with any faults..


I know a few on here have had some issues with 500s and KAs... do any of you know of this problem.. and a solution..


Generally the car runs really well and for now I am tempted to leave it well alone.. I just want to be sure that it is not a major issue and also that it is not related to the issue with the air flow meter...



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Sorry Mole, I don't know the answer, but just felt liek commenting that it sounds really weird that an (alleged) dirty airflow meter should affect the lights!!

As to the lights staying on for 10 secs. or so after turning off the ingnition, is this just a curtesy light type thing? Warning lights on the dash coming on when they shouldn't does sound like a fault with the dashboard unit, sadly not easy to repair short of simply taking the whole of the unit out and replacing with a new one.

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I work for Autodata as a Technical Author so I could see if there are any known issues via the Ford workshop website on Monday. 


I do know that particular engine has a known issue with the camshaft sensor but hopefully the mass airflow was diagnosed correctly and solved the original fault as you say it seems fine since.


Moving on to the dash, give these people a shout https://www.ecutesting.com/product-catalogue/ford/ka/dashboard-instrument-cluster/dac051901/ it sounds very similar to your fault?


I have used them before to repair the ECU on my Defender and couldn't fault them. 👍



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Thanks to you both..

I am thinking that the air flow issue was unrelated to the lights..

And looking at the link for the dash repairs it does say about dimly lit warning lights which is exactly what we are seeing...

Glen if you do get the chance to see if there are any known issues that would be a great help, thanks..

The main thing is that the car is reliable which generally it has been and as long as the dim lights don't cause a break down we could live with it until a convenient time to take the dash out and get it fixed..

Thanks again

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@Mole, if you could PM me the reg for the KA as the Ford site (like all the manufacturers websites) do prefer a search via reg or chassis number to be more specific when searching for known technical issues. 



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