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Battery options

Sean Walsh - Devon & Somerset AO

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Hi all,

I have a 1.8 Zetec and plan to get a new battery.


It’s mounted in the nose, NSF and squeezed in between the chassis rails - so quite limited on space.


Road use all year round and would plan to hook up to my C-tek when not being used.


What would you recommend as a replacement and supplier? 


Grateful for your suggestions?




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Ive just got a new gel one on s2000

I had a banner standerd battery led acid


my c tek 5 charges amg batteries so went for gel and its a lot smaller

No probs with it up  now 

Think it was about £80 dilivered

Lots on here about batteries 

And advice will be posted soon


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16 hours ago, Steve (sdh2903) said:

That's the one I have for my 2L Duratec. Does the job fine.

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