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New Carbon Fibre Helmet in Stock - Koden KDF44


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Now I'm back I am pleased to announce that Koden have finally bought out their replacement for their very popular Carbon fibre helmet. This is the Koden KDF44 Motorsport Full face helmet, it is approved to FIA8859-2015 and comes with FHR/hans posts as standard.


Price is an amazng £445 shipped.


If you have any questions please let us know.


Here are the specs..


This new helmet boasts features and design of the more expensive helmets in the market today which really shows its value. There are two switchable cooling ducts on the top of the helmet at the front to aid with cooling. The helmet also features two open vents at the rear of the helmet which allows the warm moist air out of the helmet which reduces moisture (sweat) within the helmet. The helmet also has vents on the front lower part to provide plenty of airflow around the inside of the helmet to reduce any feeling of claustrophobia, also this means that warm exhaled air does not circulate up to into the visor causing any steaming issues.


The Helmet is secured via a Kevlar helmet strap using the proven double d ring buckle along with a red pull strap to undo the helmet quickly if needed. You also have the feature of a fully removable lining which means you can keep your helmet clean and fresh by washing the liner.


  • Certified to FIA8859-2015
  • Carbon composite construction ultra light weight
  • Flameproof liner & Kevlar retention strap.
  • Fully fireproof removable interior padding
  • Aerodynamic styling.
  • Vented for additional cooling.
  • Comes with Helmet bag
  • Comes with FIA Approved 8858-2010 FHR/hans Posts


To take a look please look here




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On 19/09/2021 at 11:29, Mole said:

Hi..where are the helmets manufactured?

They are manufactured in China, but its a British brand.

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