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Another FW starts its journey from boxes of bits!


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Here goes with another build diary.......


Some background .... thanks to @SteveB21. I saw his chassis on trestles in late Jan, with the fuel and brake lines in, and thought out loud "Hey I'd like to do that".  Much to my surprise this was met with no resistance by anyone including my wife!


Whoops ... I better read a bit more before committing to anything :-)! After reading @SteveB21's diary and also @Benrobson2999 @MikeJG @BobMet 's and a few others I paid a deposit in the 2nd week in April and was given the 3rd week in June as a pick up date!


I got the chance to visit the factory when picking up @SteveB21's body work to see the collection starting for my car!




Got the garage tidy enough on one side....



And picked up on the 3rd week in June only to go on holiday for 2 weeks!!







Managed to get this far without buying anything much except the trestles and a completely useless 200kg dolly with wheels which broke as soon as the engine touched the side of it on the tail lift!  We had to drag the engine on some carpet from the van to the garage!


So I have just returned from holiday and will continue another day......


IMG_6960.pdf IMG_6960.pdf

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The very very best of luck to you @Michael8 and I hope you have noted all the things that seem common to us all, but this is the place for advice when it gets hard.


I've put a follow on your build so I can see if I can help. I keep threatening to write an addendum to the Build Manual to note all the things that I found missing or wrong in it but haven't yet....

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Great news Michael.


Trust me, there's little as satisfying as getting some memorable trips in a car you've built yourself.


What spec have you gone for?

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Enjoy the build.


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Excellent, have fun with the build!

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In answer to the "what spec?" .....

In addition to the standard FW SE kit

- Front and rear anti-roll bars

- Wide track wishbones

- Westfield front and rear calipers in red

- Black rear diffuser

- Heater

- Black luggage rack (need somewhere for the golf trolley!)

- Carbon effect stone guards

- Turbo sports seats with diamond stitching

- Four point harness in red

- Black Exhaust Shield


Decided not to have throttle bodies at this time as 150 bhp will do me for now and I have a friend who is a mechanic who says he can help if I want to fit later!!

Bought no wet weather gear!

Will upgrade the steering wheel post IVA!

I have decided I do need the side windows but they can wait until about 3 months before I think I'll get to the windscreen!


I am only waiting for the wheels - Westfield do not have any at the moment!



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Week 1 - Floor Panels - chassis upside down.


So week one is over and I have made some progress.....


I did not mention the 'missing bits' from my first check of everything before..... despite their best efforts 1 page of the packing list was missing from the boxes .... all the steering components including the much needed black spacer for the upper column, some of the bolts from the anti roll bar bags.  As reported here Dan had this in the post and to me inside 48 hours!  I also had some missing paint on the bodywork and some red gel coat has now also arrived.


The car chassis was the right way up and needed some more strength to turn it over to start ....  got some golf friends to help .... my wife's cycling mates were useless!

I also has bought next to no tools and so needed a rivet gun of some non manual kind and it seems from reading here a right angle drill would help.  I went round and round in circles ... compressor or no compressor.  

I eventually ordered a Hyundai silent compressor.  It turned out to be damaged on arrival and it went back!  That was a good start!

More circling!  Luckily I had not ordered any air tools as I found the following

1.  Milwaukee Red Rivet gun .... Less £150 

2. Milwaukee Right angle drill .... just over £150!


Ok expensive but given I needed a right angle drill anyway buying the rivet gun was cheaper than a compressor, lines, rivet gun.... just!


Plus - centre punch, clecos, paint, 4.1mm drill bits, dynax s-50, tiger bond, wipes, masking tape, clamps, demurring tools.  Thanks Amazon and Screwfix (I get a 6% discount which helps!)


All arrived in 48 hours.


So back to the build.  Like the use of Simoniz spray paint from @Benrobson2999 so decided to go that route after getting some silly powder coating quotes.


Battery plate.

Don't know why but thought the aluminium plate would fit! A drip from the welding was in the way and a little filing with a round file sorted it!  788B65B5-D49C-4264-8027-8DF7FA50F1AA.thumb.jpeg.eb4c0e1d4f4ecec775a9c914000a2d35.jpeg


Clamp in place, centre punch, drill, clecos......  The tray showing under the flecks was an excellent way of collecting some of the excess swarf!  I hoovered swarf after every 2-3 holes (how long that will last is anyone's guess!).




Fill holes with Dynax-S50 after deburring both the chassis and the aluminium plate.



Paint and after checking rivets still fit the holes rivet....







Passenger and Driver Panels


I was not sure how much sealant to use so made a pretty pattern.  It is just right.  Some leakage as the rivets compress all the way along without there being masses all over the place.  The wipes I have are amazing and clean everything.




I forgot to take a photo before getting some help turning over the chassis again!



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Week 1 - Learnings


  1. Clecos are great.
  2. You need to hoover swarf!
  3. I can't spell Aluminium!
  4. Aluminium plates do not fit exactly and need to be gently filed to get a flush fit.
  5. Black paint is messy, looks nice, but maybe overkill.  Slows things down.
  6. I can't paint very well.
  7. Drilling is boring but worth taking time and care over.
  8. Clamping absolutely necessary.
  9. Test fit the rivets.  It helps ensure the plate fits.
  10. Clamp again before riveting.
  11. Powered Rivet gun is absolutely necessary (air or battery).  The sealant might cure before you have pulled the rivets otherwise.
  12. Black sealant like Silaflex or Tiger Bond a good alternative to silicon.
  13. Wipes a must to keep things tidy when using sealant.
  14. There will be missing bits.  If you can't find something call Westfield and they will tell you where it should be.  Look again and if it is not there you can be sure they will send it out.
  15. It's fun.
  16. Total time 3 1/2 days and painting!
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I hate to lob a spanner in, but if you get too many more panels fitted, and haven't already done so, drilling and fitting all the cable tie and brake pipe clip fittings can get really, really difficult. It's so much easier if you can get them done early, while access is still quite open.


Looking good though!

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3 minutes ago, Michael8 said:

the wiring loom!


Aye, just loosely hold the wiring loom in place at first, as you'll have probably read, most people end up pulling it back and forth on the car at least a few times, and often more, before finding a position that works best for them!

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It's ideal weather for loom wrangling though.....should be nice and pliable!

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Slow week. A three day golf weekend did not help either!


Decided to mark out the plastic foot rest to start with.  Cardboard cut out was a life saver as I cut the wrong corner out on it ... you can see it taped back in. Cut out was 2.4cm x 3.1cm and done with a hacksaw and finished with a flat file.C2F5F63F-7989-4930-9060-960935C889F3.thumb.jpeg.d387b207be13a683ab7eff0ed92572fd.jpegEA094683-1D0F-44E0-A7AE-337E815C46A9.thumb.jpeg.c0e529b9d2a8e6a62b889f8d6b0d0c44.jpeg


Then wanted to move onto a trial fit of the upper steering column to check measurements before cutting the end footwear panel.  I could not find  the black spacer anywhere and although all the blogs suggest it should be in the steering bag it was not.


So although I was missing all the steering bits and they were resent, the magical disappearing steering block was missing again!  


So decided to move onto getting to the point where I could start looking at the brake lines and so decided to fit the brass brake unions.  Again stumped with missing bits as I had no copper washer in any bag and none of the necessary nyloc bolts, washers or the bolt needed to fit the brake union switch by the master brake cylinder.


Westfield and Dan were great and I had the missing bits 48 hours later.


I did seal the inside of the footwell panels with silicon!




I see from the Sport 250 build manual that they suggest the carpet is fitted to the driver side end panel and a hole cut for the steering column.  Has anyone done this?











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