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1988 narrow bodied SE...


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Hey guys!

I'm wondering if there are any specific problems with an early narrow bodied SE, re: IVA.??

Sorry if this question has been asked/answered...



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My suggestion would be to get copy of the current Westfield build manuals which covers build to current IVA regs. Items like petrol filler cap need to be considered along with all sharp edges. Steering wheel centre pad needs to conform as do wiring loom, fuel pipes and brake pipe fixings need to meet current regs. My biggest concern was emissions levels on older engines I think you need something like pre 1974? to be black smoke only. If your car is injected then this should be OK pre 1994 no cat post 1995 needs a cat I think but is covered in IVA regs. Also I was not confident they would pass my MK2 Escort steering column mod done by Westfield when the car was first manufactured.  Braking efficiency also needs to be considered including handbrake. 


DVSA insist on the current VIN format which is 18? digits. I thought this had to be engraved onto the chassis but other found a fully welded plate worked out. If this is the case just put a load of zero's and O's to meet their needs in front of your proper chassis number. Lights, indicators side flashers reversing light fog lights the list goes on but all new builds have to meet it. Keep all paperwork. 


I choose not to fit a windscreen or wipers and washers then maybe do them later. In the end I found another way around the IVA as my car  was an import and I obtained a NOVA but only after getting the car to pass an MOT. 



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