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IVA - specific test and fail points


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The Bristol test team allowed me to adjust the headlamps and my Koso speedo reading on their rolling road. (Rear wheel sensor) They also allowed me to pack out the rear lamps as they didn't like the restricted view from the side.

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3 hours ago, Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary said:

Not sure if this was meant humorously or not

Apologies if I appeared to be leading the innocent astray.... this was indeed meant to be tongue-in-cheek.  Far be it from me to advise anyone to fudge the numbers... it would be a brave (or foolhardy) self-builder who tried to pull the wool over my examiner's eyes!

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I know I have only been through 1 IVA process but here are my observations whilst going through it.


The testers that did my car in the Chadderton centre really wanted me to pass and gave me plenty of scope to make adjustments and on reflection I think that’s because I turned up with the right attitude.


At the start I actually pointed out  everything at the start that I thought was a compromise or border line which the tester was really appreciative of and showed that I had read the regulations and appreciated why they exist. 


I also made the point that I was keen to be going the through the process and made the point that I appreciated their time in making sure the car was as safe as possible. This meant he knew I was seeing him as a valuable part of my build and not just some annoying obstruction in my way to getting on the road.


There where complexities with my build as many of the parts being used where salvaged from a smash Westfield and the key to getting mine passed was the diligence around paperwork that demonstrated that every used part had been rebuilt to the manufactures specification. 

Because the paperwork had been so fastidiously put together they new I had read the IVA regulations and clearly understood the potential impacts of what I had built going wrong.


Ultimately building the relationship of respect and appreciation for the tester led to him adjusting the headlamps and other things to help.











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15 hours ago, IainCameron said:

A quick note about my IVA fail points:


Emissions:  I had passed at an MOT station, but failed at the IVA.  Easily sorted by leaning the mixture on my Weber 40s, but may be worth a secondary check just before the IVA.


Speedo:  I had this checked on the rolling road, but I suspect they 'checked' the wrong way round.  The speedo needs to read above the true road speed at all speeds from 35 to 70mph.  DVSA gave me a chance to rectify using the 'Pulse' setting, but I didn't quite adjust it far enough, and I was out by 2mph from 50-70mph.


Noise:  I hadn't realised that DVSA use the max engine speed that you state in your application for the noise test.  They use 75% of 'Max Stated RPM' as the engine speed to check noise.  I had stated 6000rpm as max engine speed, and the exhaust note went banzai above 4000.  It may have been a sensible precaution to preserve engine life, and state 'Max Engine Speed' as 4500 rpm....

Sorry to hear of the failure but 2 of the 3 should be very easy to resolve permanently. 

The noise level may be a bit more tricky.

Do you by how much you went over the required level?

What size silencer are you using and does it have new wadding?


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10 hours ago, Paul Aspden The 2nd said:

The testers that did my car in the Chadderton centre really wanted me to pass

My testers were the same... they only found the three issues, and they gave me a few attempts at re-setting the speedo but it didn't work across the whole speed range.  And I think I'd have been able to get the emissions re-tested if it hadn't been for the exhaust noise.... if they could have passed me, they would have.


3 hours ago, TableLeg said:

What size silencer are you using and does it have new wadding

It's the original Pinto silencer, and I'm not sure about the wadding; that's next on my list of things to sort out.

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