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Heater Bypass Valve

Scott Young

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Scott Young

Brand new, unused T7 Design 16mm heater bypass valve (pull to bypass operation):




Allows those of you with a heater installed in your Westfield to moderate or stop the flow of hot coolant to your heater core, bypassing it back into the engine cooling system and thus controlling the temperature in the cabin and stopping the heater from working altogether in the summer.


Link to webpage with full product description and price - please click on it and read it in full first


From the link above:


"A high-quality metal valve commonly fitted to Taxi's, classic vehicles and many kit car models due to the simplicity of the design and operation. Requires a bowden cable to operate.


These are used in applications where the thermostat bypass circuit is built into the heater circuit, this will allow you to shut off flow to the heater for example whilst still allowing water to flow back to the engine."


Genuine reason for sale is that I ordered the wrong unit - I needed one that was push to bypass, not pull. :bangshead:  New push unit ordered.


Valve itself ONLY - no Bowden cable included.


Sold by T7 Design for about £21 including VAT and P&P - my price to you £15 including P&P.


PayPal only please.


Disclaimer: I'm currently "shielding" so it may take me 1-2 weeks to get it posted to you as I need to be mega safe when I'm out.  Please accept my apologies in advance for this and hope you understand.

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