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4AGE cooling system


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Hi all


I'd really appreciate it if anyone could show me their 4Age cooling setup in terms of pipework etc.


My car has no thermostat which i'm not too keen on but i'm stuggling to find a solution to add one in.  I'm also not sure about the right layout of what connects to what.


My car has been off the road for some time and this is one of the biggest stoppers for me getting it sorted!


I know prev owner did try to fit the original external toyota stat but this obviously didn't work as it had been removed again when i bought the car.


In particular i'm not clear on where the smaller bore outlets at front and rear of head should connect.  If i remember rightly they were connected together as per fag packet scribble below and tee'd to expansion tank.  Is this right?


I'd be so grateful for any help having spent many hours pondering this!









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Oops - i meant to put this in tech talk if the powers that be would mind moving please.




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Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

No worries!

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Simon Waterfall Syman84

Not 4age specific but in my old k series sprint car had an in line thermostat housing. This was to get away from the horrific standard thermostat location shocking the head with cold water once it opened. 


I happened to see just a couple of days ago that club sponsors force racing wheels also do a nice billet one which would do the job in the top hose. I also found with mine that a couple of 3-4mm holes drilled in the outer ring of the thermostat also helped with nice progressive walm up. 




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Thanks Simon


That looks interesting.  I'd been looking at something like that ages ago but could not find any current suppliers.  

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26 minutes ago, 1960dave said:

Martin at raw told me they put a core plug in the hose from the water pump and drill a 22mm hoe in the core plug

Thanks Dave

Does that not just give a restriction to flow all the time though?  Is that how yours is set up or do you have a stat in?

Any thoughts on the rest of the pipework please? Does yours match up to my shoddy diagram?

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Nic (NICO) - Shropshire and Mid-Wales AO

I had no thermostat in my 4age narrow. 
It caused me overcooling problems. 
The thermostat in the original MR2 installation sits on the top of the gearbox if I remember correctly. This can be fitted into the cooling system as a stand alone item. 
I did this and it worked well. 
Can’t help with diagram. 
Martin at RAW is font of knowledge and a nice bloke. 

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Thanks Nic.


Yes it's an external unit as std which i think in a rwd setup bolts onto side of the block under the inlet manifold.

Trouble is finding one! 

I'm sure i could work the force racing one Simon suggested into the system, just need to know about the other pipes connected to head.


I think the rear outlet will original have gone to cabin heater which could possibly then mean that the one at the front would be the return for this but i want to be sure it's right because i'm worried if i get it wrong i could end up with stagnating coolant in the head or worse.





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Andy (Sycho)

I did have some fag packet drawings of Raw & I may have some photos.

I’ll see if I can find them.

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