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Fitting a Westfield supplied tonneau to FW body Westie

Greenstreak-Andy D

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Morning all,


Just taken delivery of a Westfield tonneau. I ordered to suit:

1. windscreen car

2. MSA rollbar (not cage)

3. Sports Turbo seats

4. lowered floor

5. FW body


Patrick @ Westfield did explain problems with MSA and has offered a return and full refund, so I asked for delivery with this understanding, some trimming work will be required if I keep it. 

So I’m looking for anyone who has fitted a tonneau to FW body? Photos would be great. 

I am struggling to see how harness ‘eye bolts’ under the tonneau neatly.


Seat pockets do seem a tad generous on mine, so any photos of other Westfield would be great. 

Here’s some photos.





Thanks in advance,



PS I am expecting to use a local trimmer to modify to MSA bar on Westfield supplied item but just need to see cost options of a full tonneau made by my trimmer. IYSWIM

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